Innovation – the Soul’s Speech

“Art begins in imitation and ends in innovation.” Mason Cooley

I always attempt to find new and unique uses for everything. Not necessarily in the aspect of how I may be able to adapt an ingredient or recipe, but also in the realms of the art and hands on manipulation. Everything possesses more than one beneficial aspect.

press me

A bacon press can now be used to make grilled cheese.

I had been in search of a press that I could use to make grilled cheese. I found this cast iron press at Home Goods, on the bottom of a display, out of place and not in its proper “section”. However, if I did not glance down for a moment, I would have completely missed it. And that was an opportunity I am glad I did not miss. For, it brought spirit into my heart…and a multipurpose gadget into my kitchen.

Searching in locations that would seem to bring me the answer or the favor I was hoping for now seems a bit foolish. Yet, when one begins to look in the places that were never really searched before, it is possible to find a whole new basket of brilliant surprises.

Just because something is labeled as it may seem to appear, does not give credit to the idea that abilities and possibilities are truly infinite. That is creative innovation in my eyes. “Proper” uses no longer have a real purpose if they cannot be used for multiple imaginations.

I encourage finding something you already own, and asking yourself, “How can I use this ideal, subject or physical object in a new way?”

Make use of your time and the beauty surrounding you. Let them inspire you to no extent. Do not be afraid to fail, for failure is one step closer to knowing what you can and cannot handle or manage. Constraints exist for a reason, and we tend to push ourselves to extremes that leave us with unfulfilled expectations. And expectations are not to say the realm of all dangers, but living a life without humor about past equities is just a grudge and a burden upon yourself.

When one cannot find allure in the multifaceted, it becomes a force against seeing the bigger picture.

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