A Prayer for Boston

The harsh reality of the world – the pain, the suffering, the epitomes of violence – can sting more than it has the ability to conquer. The maniac states and warped provisions ultimately can guide one into a negative direction, in fate of a better tomorrow. May the acts be truly deemed as unspeakable? For, no one can begin to make sense of the chaos without limitations, rules, guidelines or communication. Communication that goes beyond the surface of hinting subtle suggestions or prerogatives. In lieu of it all, as a nation dedicated to the safety and wellness of others, our nations (and our world) needs more action and less negative reaction. More self control, rather than control and domination over others and their favors or disfavors. Acceptance, purity and heart. However, of course, that is holding ourselves and others to a high standard, on a pedestal of sorts, that is impossible to reach, one we probably never will experience. However, trying and attempting – that may be the greatest cure of all – one which has the ability to at least help motivate us and others to strive for the great, to keep hope and faith alive, and fundamentally grasp inner peace and tranquility, as well as self (and outward) acceptance towards all diversity and life forces.

United we should stand as a world – not just as a nation.

To all those who were traumatized, in any form of the word, due to the Boston Marathon Explosions, my heart goes out to each and every one of you individually. Tears and prayers can, and never will, mask the destruction, but those who try – and those who lend their favors and hand in the realms of it all – you are the true saviors and heroes who deserve a never ending, “thank you”.

Terrorism is monstrous…

Our people are choking while

Freedom is ringing

In the ears of car alarms

And smoke bombs.

Truth of the matter,

Happiness may never provide

a silver platter.

Justification for a small vibration

In the depths of contemplations

Of taking others lives, that divides

A nation devoted to its troops.

We must unite, to defend ourselves

And the safety of others and the truths.

all rights reserved ©

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