Day of Silence – April 19, 2013


Bullying assumes various shapes, forms and mediums of control. It burns its fuel in many areas of our life, including school, work, other social situations, and inside our own state of mind. It is up to the victim, not the predator, to decide the direction of their destinies. Spiraling downward and grasping for anything that is willing to foolishly come with you into an empty, upset abyss, while others are forced to choke upon defensive territories and pardons, is an unfortunate fate. We have all been terrorized in some aspect of our lives – mentally, emotionally, physically, and psychologically – but the lessons learned stand the test of eternity, as does humanity and virtues. Personal morals and ideals seem to alter slightly, but the true depths of our character still remain intact. The expectations we hold onto, concerning ourselves and one another, have the ability to create a darker magnetic field of negativity and dramatics that cannot necessarily, or reasonably, be deemed as our own.

Call it “Hell”, speak of it as the Underworld – it is your own choosing, because it is your life. I cannot reiterate enough how mind tolling, how cruel and unfair it feels to have others pride themselves against you for reasons beyond any sense of control. How those terrors constantly replay in your mind as forms of shame and guilt, to which then has the ability to breed self content in the misconfiguration of “I’m fine” or “It’s okay”…when you are really not. And it really is not okay. The lack of communication, the turtle hiding in its shell, places a facade that is not true to your persona, nor true to the entities and ideals you wish to conquer and hopefully, hold onto as your own.

Bullying is a massacre that eats away at the soul…it eats away at your mind, your focus, your motivation and most of all – your heart. Every situation is obviously incomparable and to be fought against for what you believe in, or destroyed in cases of what you stand for, is a deprivation of truth and justice. It is a crying shame, a prayer for a blessing, a rock to hide under…a delusion and dissatisfaction which stems from beyond the conscious mind. Yet, to allow our subconscious and mind to rule over us, to allow it to make decisions for us…amongst the cruelties deemed upon us by others…that is a negative karmic response and seemingly the only way life may justify the means with the ends.

It will never cease – normal is never an option. One should take reign and pride in the abnormalities and do not justify the ends with the means – instead – justify life as a brilliant miracle, one that can be altered to make yourself into the most brightest, best and most beautiful person you can be…the one you want to be…the one you envision yourself as. It is not “change”, it is a choice – to bring yourself from dark to light – from evil and internal misery and pity to a lighthearted, upbeat, and positive position. And to let it flow through you.

Hear no evil – See no evil – Speak no evil

It takes “time”, but patience is a virtue. Tranquility and happiness stem from patience. With ourselves, as well as with others. We are all infinite creatures playing a finite game, that which we named life.

You will not like everything or everyone you come in contact with, that is the nature of the game. However, the beauty of the “game of life” is that we are all allowed to be different, at least in some ways. We are entitled to our own opinions and innovations. A way in which we contribute to our vast, and human, society in a multitude of aspects – beyond the beauty that which the eyes can see.

Please, take time to realize…WE ALL DESERVE THIS. Life is a beautiful gift. Our earth and world is a beautiful planet. We are all connected by the roots of our feet, the soil between our toes, the concrete beneath our steps…through our bodies, throughout our souls, and beyond the intersecting brilliance of the mind and the human brain’s capacities.


Pure bliss

Protected wrists

You deserve this

Life forces upon Mars,

Dreaming of dancing with the stars,

Begging for health and heart.

Life – only to get better

Thus far,

It has been a nightmare.

One step.

Each Breath.

Take time

to realize

We deserve this.

all rights reserved ©

I took the pledge…will you consider it as well?

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