Adventure Time




[“Did you not learn your nation’s airport codes in high school?” – Kenneth Parcell, 30 Rock]


One of my absolute favorite things to do while I am on vacation is to eat. I love exploring the cuisine and diverse menus the local areas have to offer. Being that I have lived in Florida before, the variety of foods offered in the south have more than doubled since I had been there only a year ago.

My favorite restaurant I have been to thus far is located in Lake Mary (one of three locations):

Dexter’s Restaurant

Each location has a main menu, which includes a variety of unique sandwiches and salads, as well as pastas made from scratch. However, all the locations also have their own unique cafe menu, with exclusive dishes created by the current executives chefs. They seem to only change seasonally, about every 9-12 months, give or take a few.



There are a variety of delectable fresh fishes to chose from, and indeed everything on the menu reads so well you could almost eat the parchment it is printed on. But, better save some room for their fresh, homemade pasta because it is seriously some of the best I have ever had.


[parmesan shells with shrimp]


[from the dinner cafe menu – chimmi churri mahi with blue crab salsa and lime garlic spinach]

Layers upon layers of flavors! And such a beautiful display.

Liam Fitzpatrick’s Pub


I have been desiring to add stout to a french onion soup or a beef based broth, and wouldn’t you know it? This place did it! And it was right on the money! (As Guy Fieri would say)

And the rest of the trip was all smooth sailing…




If there is one thing I must share with the readers of this blog…


I took mine for granted, and I have been living in my own designated hell and disaster for the past year because of it. I have finally found the courage and strength to take the world head on and take life at face value. From all the bad that came from my experiences, I have learned some very important lessons and I will attempt to never make those silly mistakes again. My future is much brighter and sunnier, and I have concluded which path I would like to take – the present. Because looking too far into the future is the most traumatizing, and looking back into the past is the where the guilt and resentment stems from. I am so grateful I have the opportunity to finish school and go back to where I started – so I can proudly state I am not a quitter (for all the right reasons) and I no longer run away from my fears.


[UCF main campus]

[rosen rosen

[Rosen College of Hospitality Management – one of the largest in the nation! And brilliantly stunning]

So I have decided…

Goin’ back to Philly, I don’ think so!

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