Keep Calm and Grill On

Fruit: a healthy alternative to dessert. Want to have an excuse to keep the party alive and the flame going? Just grill it!

Grilling fruit is a great way to bring out the natural flavors within via caramelization. (and is highly endorsed by Mr. Bobby Flay).

The process is incredibly simple as well!


Now, corny [or should i say, citrus] joke time!!

What are a vampire’s favorite fruit?

Blood Oranges! 


Oranges are a great source of Vitamin C and are complementary to many fish and chicken dishes.

I have never really enjoyed raw oranges, but I am beginning to open my eyes to a entire, unexplored world of magical fruits!

Step by step instructions:

I sprinkled a blood orange, a satsuma and a valencia orange with a tiny bit of light brown sugar on one side – delicious! It is a great, innovative way to balance the acidity of citrus fruits, and is a sexy approach to spicing up whatever you have sitting in your refrigerator. Juicy, light and a great side dish, salad addition or enjoy it as a yummy, healthy snack. Very romantic indeed!


“Daily Needs for Fruits & Vegetables:
Most people should increase the amount of fruits and vegetables they currently eat every day. Daily fruit and vegetable needs depend on a person’s calorie needs, which are determined by age, sex and level of physical activity. For example, an adult should eat 2 cups of fruits and 2½ cups of vegetables daily, based on a 2,000 calorie diet.”

Brought to you by Clemson University (and the letter [vitamin] C) at

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Trying Grilling Fruits and Vegetables

Unfriendly Strangers

When demons spark;

True colors show,

When least expected.

The woes,

And a childish pose,

Put onto others

Cannot make one stronger.

Brings out the bitter,

Surrounding clouds of hatred.

Negative sounds;

Attempts to shut others up.

“Pull us down – we are not worthy”

You want us to cry out.

To blend into a wall;

To go by unnoticed amongst it all,

Stands without reason…

You will fall.

Burdens pursuits – heading down dark paths,

Unbearable partnership groups.

Standing up for oneself

is not the same as defending yourself

with sharp knives

and accusations;

Wallowing pity.

Here is the unshakeable proof,

Corrupted and spiteful immature youth.

Never real or true.

Friends once,

but maybe never.

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