I Want to Grow My Wings

Aim Set Match

Unlocking garden lockets with traps,

Sorting through hooks and snaps

Rearranging pardons,

And Lately…

It’s been a mess.

Chasing black dragons;

Everyone has been.

Excused for abuse,

Time delays in the way.

Mapped out boundaries and territories,

Returning to misfortunes:


Gasping for stale air;

Depictions of water boarding.

Unsettled, unstealthed,


Searching for a common wealth:

Tunnels of steady health.

Parking, it is darkening, miles of travels.

Seeking the way wanting me,

To finish what I started.

Devouring, expiring;

Not again in this life…

Rerouting to concluding –

Heaven will always be my hell.

all rights reserved ©

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