Starry Skies Lend To An Unfortunate Demise

We all have hearts, but some bleed more;

We all look to the stars, but some only fall in our favor

We all think we know what we want, but some have no clue

We all need love, but some know better

We all have a unkempt destiny, but some are far more bitter

We all sing sorrows, but some have more joy to offer, rather than borrow

We all listen to music, but some can only hear the melodies

We all blow a whistle, but some can only repeat remedies

We all need lending, for some are still mending;

We all have spirit, but some are hasty

We all grapple at lies, for the truth is bendable, and unsurely tied

We all exude fortunes, but some are easier to visualize

We all possess problems, but some are more difficult to get through

We all see images, but only some are we pleasantly drawn to

We all shiver, for some coats cost a million

We all need touch, and for some, that option is enough

We all have brains, but some tend to be smarter

We all have hearts, but some beat faster.

all rights reserved ©

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