A Favor to the Disfavored

For a couple of years now I have wanted to donate my hair to cancer patients or some sort of organization that supplied the victims of unfortunate traumatic circumstances with something they need to feel better about themselves, and in this case, I knew all along it was going to be hair. Since ninth grade, the length of my hair has progressively gotten longer. I grew it out, refusing to cut above my shoulders, after receiving a haircut I was not very fond of at the age of 15 or 16. (Looking back, it wasn’t that bad, I just wasn’t happy with myself so how could I be happy with the hair on my head?)
new one mmeee


During the previous few months, my hair had become a nuisance. I would touch it constantly (a very obsessive compulsion that pulls out hair strand by strand) and it would always get stuck under the straps of my backpack. It took a while to style, and it became too much to handle and deal with. I also felt that with an new, unfamiliar, upbeat and positive outlook on life (what I am at least striving to maintain), I should begin the process with a different hairstyle to reflect this novel approach. When the courage finally sank in (and let’s be real – it felt like quite an impulse), I visited my hairdresser, whom I have gone to since that (in my eyes) poorly styled haircut.


Now, finding an organization to donate hair to seems like an easy task, but with all the restrictions put on donations these days, it was more of a struggle to find one than I had originally assumed. Google was my helper in this instance. The typical organizations that accept hair for cancer patients, such as Pantene or Locks of Love, only accept (at minimum) 8″, no dyed or gray hair. However, although my hair is, and was not, gray, it surely was dyed. Then I came across, what I feel, is a blessing for myself and for the children…Children With Hair Loss (CWHL). I have always been an advocate for any and all organizations that help children fight diseases, addictions and traumas, and this seemed like a perfect fit.

I love short hair, to the extent that I do not know if I could ever let it grow out long again. It is said that the universe and God are the only creations that know how many hairs are on our heads, but with my vivid and crazy warped imagination and dreamscape, I know deep down that it does not matter. What matters is the person on the inside – the generous, kindred spirits and souls that are willing to give up such an unnecessary proceeding to a higher and better cause. These children need a spark of life and empowerment to help them get through their woes and troubles…and I want to help give them that. I need to give them at least that. I gave up 8 inches, with some to spare, and with no hesitation, for children who had zero. Bless their hearts and souls, for they need it more than I do at this current stage.


Don’t get me wrong, I love having hair, to the extent that I would be miserable if I did not have any at all. But having the privilege and advantages I possess in life, and with the ability to donate, volunteer and give, this is one cause I think is completely appropriate and one I am truly fond of. I hope some day I will be able to donate another pony tail of hair for these young souls, who are destined for pure greatness.



A non-profit organization that provides children who are struggling from disorders who have lost their hair due to medically-related treatments, with hair replacement. They also may return once a year, up until 21 years of age, making it vastly available to those who truly need to feel beautiful.

2 thoughts on “A Favor to the Disfavored

  1. Go you! I’ve gone from very long to very short a few times in my life and never thought to donate it. I wish I had. I’ve never dyed my hair so would have been a great candidate. Since I cut my hair really, really short a couple of years ago, I really want long hair again. It’ll take a few more years to reach my hips and I’m sure I’ll want to go short again. Though by then, I’ll probably have a few more greys.

  2. :blushing: thank you 🙂 long hair is definitely quite nice, but so is short. it all depends on the attitude of the head wearing it. That is absolutely insane you are able to grow your hair to your hips! Mine was probably to my lower back, and even then it wouldn’t grow past a certain point. Short hair is definitely a “once you go there, it’s hard to grow back” type deal 😛 Welcome to the short hair club hehe

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