“Just as passion burns deep within, fire ignites the flames”

For an introduction in my Capstone course in order to fulfill my requirements to (finally) graduate, we were required to compare ourselves to an inanimate object and create a “brand” for ourselves. Although labeling is not something that I find truly appropriate, it is necessary in this day and age in order to seek employment opportunities.

It had me thinking – how will I be remembered? Of course, I have to say “I don’t care”, but I know deep down, I do. I want to be remembered and appreciated for the life I bring about in those I come in contact with and for the inspiration I create. I want to be remembered for the greatness I ensue, not the mistakes I have summoned. And in a way, that is why I decided I will pursue culinary/pastry arts after graduation. I may be a beginner, unexperienced and clueless…but in due time, I will no longer be that. I want people to thoroughly enjoy my creations. To remember the feelings conjured within them…the people they are with at that exact moment. The way to the heart is through the stomach, and even if it takes years, I swear to myself, that I will at least remember that I worked towards my goal…even if I fail at times. I swear to share my gift with others, and although it will take full dedication, I will stay positive. I will be remembered for being me…an individual with full potential, much like everyone else in this world with something many people forget they possess.

I could compare myself to any inanimate object that possesses only positive qualities, but that would be unrealistic. I am flawed. Flaws that I wish to work on, but flaws that make me unique and will one day help me succeed. I cannot fathom how I would be at this exact moment in time if not for my mistakes and past experiences. I only hope that stand out above the crowd by favorable means, encouraging others to do the same.

This is what I wrote for my introduction:

With a variety of meanings and interpretations, I see myself embodying ideals of the element of “fire”.  Fire possesses many attributes and purposes in different cultures, unique to each. I am a source of energy. My heat is intended to warm the hearts of others. I contribute to inspiration, encouraging others, but also heartening myself. As a part of spiritual enlightenment, I possess authority in leadership and a mind of creativity. A symbol of divinity, I burn to sustain wisdom and knowledge. I illuminate and ignite the soul. I am a source of protection, defending those who call on me. Rebellious and extroverted, my personality has the ability to bring out bravery in others. As a light within a realm of darkness, I possess the courage needed to take on relentless tasks, and the enthusiasm to complete them.

Although characterized as a symbol of pain and death, I have come face to face with fire (literally) in past experiences, from which, I have grown. It feels like an appropriate comparison in order to overcome the traumas of my past and reign hold of it for my future. I wish to kindle myself, and take control of my instilled powers and find a balance. Authority, creativity and passion are necessary to dedicate myself to health and to motivate me to continue my education in a new domain that is unfamiliar to me. Without fire, my future in the culinary arts would not exist. I retain the passion of a fire and the ability to transform positively. The devotion and purification fire holds will free myself from contamination, negativity and aversions I have and will continue to face.

I feel that fire describes me perfectly – and although it can be construed negatively – so be it. The power and force behind fire and its flames is far stronger than the water that will put it out. Man created fire to survive. A natural disaster that may leave many weak, it purifies the world, cleansing it, leading the way for new beginnings. I hope that, metaphorically, I can develop these positive traits and be in control of my own inner fire. I am humble, but I am a leader in the making…I know that much for sure.

To any readers out there….what earthly element would you compare yourself to? We are all spirits trying to make a connection in a limitless realm, and every element works in conjunction with one another…it is only natural to let ourselves feel free enough to be who (or what) we feel we are.

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