The Song I Sing to Myself


Mom-Mom October 7, 1932 – August 31, 2014

If I could have, I would have saved you.

With all the strength God gave you,

It’s a miracle you’re still here.

I pray to the glory

There’s happiness in store for me…

A rhyming end to withstand the tests of time.

I’m glad you sang to me –

Telling me I was yours

And that you were mine.


Although we never spoke much

Doesn’t change my love.

The woman who knew how to rock a red lipstick

And flaunt her stuff.

The heart of a horse

Who has been through much worse.

Ages may differ –

You grew weaker; I grew bitter.

(The link to keeping a family in sync)

I pray to the glory

There is happiness in store for you

And for me.


I wish to ease your pain;

You may not be all there, but I am the bearer of fate.

Believe that – at this rate,

(I need) a miracle

At best…

Please close your eyes and rest (if only it was that) easy.

all rights reserved. ©

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