It’s A Shame

If happiness is what you seek,
then trust among the wicked.
The part that always desires (wanting more) –
{be sure of yourself}
Because you only get one chance to be like everyone else…

Eyes are judgmental,
And all around you, you’ll hear :sighs:
[You will always be wrong, even when you’re right.]
Whatever you do, they’ll still assume;
It’s tough to keep your head up (“try”).

All in all, it’s dangerous.
Giving up your hands
as they are locked in shackles
[too tight to slip loose]
The sparkle in your step – gone within an instant
As you’re placed inside a box ready for inspection.

Too far gone, you thought this would be easy.
Praising the week just to please them.
(Mistakes are old habits, but I promise, they break).
And the spell that lines the surface –
it’s a mask you can fake.

Once upon a time…it happens to us all.
You have to fall a few times to remain strong.
Without rhyme or reason, you do it for your being
Wash and repeat
Blink. Blink. Once…Twice…
If I can provide any advice…be yourself.
[It’ll do wonders for your life]

all rights reserved. ©

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