Be Still, It’s My Heart Too

My mind moves fast, it’s an enigma of sorts.
And I don’t care what people think,
but I care about my appeal.
How can I forgive myself when I’ve been through Hell?
And if there’s a god who cares about how I feel…
I hope they are on my side,
so to let the demons take a smoke break.

The chanting, the laughter…you’re no better.
How can I improve when there’s so much misfortune in your accented attitude?
How can I grow if my roots are stuck in soil without water?
I’m dangerously close to saying what I said I wouldn’t.

Heartbroken for feeling like I don’t fit in.
Growing up, I have always stood out,
what’s more in style doesn’t correspond with who I am.
(better jump ship before this keeps happening)

Run away from fears…maybe it’s exactly that which keeps me around.
Going around in circles, I promise you that I am loyal.
If this is the only way my heartstrings can be heard,
then I’ll write a fucking orchestra and conduct it myself.
Because no one will pull me back into the dark state I once knew,
(locked in a closed bedroom with the devil himself begging me on)
Because no one will change your life for you.

all rights reserved. ©

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