Love to Love

Falling in love yet again, another day
Times are changing, as they say
Something special about a decade left unwritten
Ties are loosened, locks unhinged
On my mind and not his.
Hopeless, indeed
But now, it’s different,
Splitting image of that which was forgiven
Partial to the parts of you which go untouched
I want to know too much, I don’t know enough
Desire can be a cruel entity (I’m begging for clarity)
Weaving in traffic with rain and cloudy skies
That dark hair, those brown colored eyes
It’s been so long to feel the song of a muse
What was left started humming a violent tune
Fate or merely fortune drafted to open
Painting arbitrary pictures with bright hues
I’ll listen, I won’t miss this (take a) chance

There’s softness in the features of your face as it’s turned away from me.


all rights reserved. ©

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