Moving On, Moving West

When we first spoke,
I didn’t know you weren’t listening
but I should have realized you were not the one.
Truth comes with justice, but how do I justify the truth?
I’ve made amends, but I cannot fathom forgiveness,
let me wallow in my guilt, for I am made of pity.
These shoulders bear more weight then they can hold,
I can’t stand the idea of being alone.

For all I have done,
I am sorry, the choices were mine to make.
And yet, I feel thankful that I made those mistakes.
For, the future is endless, and too far out to see.
But, there’s a whisper that keeps calling out to me.

It says:
Stay on track, don’t look back,
you will find your place in time.
Those faces, erase them, you are meant to shine.
Excuses, don’t lose sight of, who you want to be,
stay honest, and kind, you will find your fish in this vast sea.

Off the top of my head, as, I replay those tapes,
I feel sorry for myself.
Should I repent for these sins as I suck the ocean dry?
Like a broken record, I am
so paranoid.
Useless, use that, to concur your own devils.

Seemingly once hopeless, I am now hopeful,
because I know what I need to do.
Take a chance.

all rights reserved. ©

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