Innovations, Ideas and Ideals

Nostalgic Cardiologist


Adventure Time!

A Favor to the Disfavored

One Must Pay The Price

Spread the Love

“Just as passion burns deep within, fire ignites the flames”

I may not be where I want to be, but I am not going back.


A Prayer for Boston

Day of Silence

What We Are and Once Were

Unfriendly Strangers

Fool’s Gold

Take Heart

Running Circles

Id, Ego and Superego

Starry Skies Lend To An Unfortunate Demise

I Want to Grow My Wings


Mast in Home’s View

Sad Songs of Broken Lullabies

Dancing in the Days of Early Summer Nights

Tao “The Way”

Where There Was Once Potential

Words Can Only Take Us So Far

An Insomniac’s Departing

Ashes From Ashes

Delete The “Want” and “Need”

Right Which Way


Vibrant Hues

White Flags


My Heart is in it For the Killing

The Only Way to Go is Up (Or to Give Up)

Influence Love

Fight the Good Fight or Be Fought

It’s Been A While

Things I Wish I Could Say

One Must Pay The Price

You’ve Gotten Underneath My Skin

A Li(f)e In Disguise

Ugly Grammar

See ya (standing there)

The Longest Day of the Year

Unsuited for the Suitable

Hang Me Up To Dry

The Song I Sing to Myself

Are We Missing Out or Just Missing Our Minds?

A Full Plate

Consider It Done


Repetition is an Action’s Reaction

It’s A Shame

Half Of A Heart

Cheers to the times that meant something

I May Crave Attention, But You’re All About You

The Faults Untold

At the Center of the Human Body is a Pulse

You Say “Sorry” Like It’s Going Out Of Style

Be Still, It’s My Heart Too

Deja Vu (or this has happened before)

A fool’s wit is as sharp as a dull edge.

Idealist Expectations

Devoted & Dedicated

Pick Up The Pieces

Love to Love

You Were in My Dream Last Night

Missed Connection


Stay Humble

4 A.M.

Half Past Too Late

Cheers to a life once lonely


Your Presence



Please grab a drink with me

Take Way to the Sea

Moving On, Moving West

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