Please grab a drink with me

I cannot stop you from beating,
but this will only hurt a little.
To be a fly on your wall
(just one glance)
is enough to break me
into a million little pieces.
Oh, how I wish you were mine.
A taste for class that I respect immensely,
a strong jaw line and features
that I dream about outlining with my finger tips
Bring your face close
for just one kiss;
a snicker and a side smile
my stomach jumps into my throat
I choke on my own words
that make no sense.
Cover my eyes, can you see right through me?
My attempts at commonality,
just to talk to you,
At best, you’ll see my willingness…
At worst, it’s too much.
(Chalk it up to embarrassment)
But for you, darling,
It is never enough.
I just can’t stay away
and honestly, I don’t think I want to any longer.

all rights reserved. ©


I feel like we’ve met before.
In the face of familiarity;
One laugh was all it took.
I’ve fallen in love before,
but this time it’s different.
I feel like I am home.

Until next time, keep my heart safe.
We live in two separate worlds,
overlapping in a sense of disparity.
I told you, it’s a feeling of familiarity.

I think about you all of the time.
I don’t know you, but I’d like to.
A tape playing over and over again;
I’d kill to see those eyes shine.
Hard to go unnoticed
(do you notice me?)
We haven’t even spoken,
but it’s a feeling of familiarity.

Have we met once before? I’m sure I am just mistaken.
I’ve taken a liking to your welcoming smile
and your desire to entertain the world.
Am I a fool to think it meant anything?

This may be just a fling,
Better you then I just want to tear you apart.
A stage show that has never been seen before
Where I call you mine,
And I’m all yours.;

all rights reserved. ©

Missed Connection

So calm and collected
He read a mysterious book and
his bookmark said “read and return“.
With a wool baseball cap
(I never saw what was written on it)
He sat there with one leg crossed over the other
high top blue Converse unlaced at the tongue.
Among the hustle and bustle of the airport
He stayed still.
Never did he look over.
But…maybe…out of the corner of his eye,
I found inspiration.
That may have been all it ever will be;
How I wished I asked him what He was reading
his 5 o’clock shadow]
My voice? I was brought to my knees.
I hope you got to where you were going safely,
because I keep thinking about thee.

all rights reserved. ©

Idealist Expectations

An obscure thought written down on paper.
Am I just talking to myself or should I go crazy later?
Meaning in words, and words written with meaning;
Falling in love with the scenery.

This is my problem
I’m an idealist – why bother.
A belief that there’s something out there
waiting to hold my hand.
And to think that I’m a manic,
(It’s part of the panic)
Something that won’t let me grip onto reality.

Sure, it’s made up, a false portrayal of what I’ve always wanted.
If I had the chance, I’d make the most of the moment. 
Because I’m lost in a land full of let downs,
Only to be reminded
of my sanity
(or lack there of…)

all rights reserved. ©