Missed Connection

So calm and collected
He read a mysterious book and
his bookmark said “read and return“.
With a wool baseball cap
(I never saw what was written on it)
He sat there with one leg crossed over the other
high top blue Converse unlaced at the tongue.
Among the hustle and bustle of the airport
He stayed still.
Never did he look over.
But…maybe…out of the corner of his eye,
I found inspiration.
That may have been all it ever will be;
How I wished I asked him what He was reading
his 5 o’clock shadow]
My voice? I was brought to my knees.
I hope you got to where you were going safely,
because I keep thinking about thee.

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The Faults Untold

For you, Sweetheart, I am choosing to live dangerously.
The heart speaks in rhythms,
beats of the Earth pulsating beneath the bare feet of those who whisper omens.
Take note – vibrations of the atmosphere lean which way the wind blows,
and the commonality of it all, is that we forget to listen.
An understatement of tales too wise to take seriously,
or are they just too repetitive that we think we have heard them all?
These catastrophes happen too often
To ignore, well, it’s a travesty, but is “the way” to understanding
the just behind the means.
A fresh start is needed, yet how to chose it’s beginning? Oh my, my mind is full…
of the mapped out schematics which we call the future.
(Is it predetermined or is the moment up for grabs?)
Can we move on before knowing how our soles/souls will reach the ground?
Breath deep, out surroundings are limited.
Today’s a new day, but gone tomorrow.

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Cheers to the times that meant something

He looked up and said, “you’re stupid.”
in a playful manner
Understandable by no one.

Choked up, hopes down
Pushing the food around
on my seemingly full plate
clean up alone, clean up my act.
Why can’t you?

“I love you.”
With a period. A statement.
I hear the words, but what are feelings?
What am I supposed to say,
When my mind is elsewhere
Fixated on something else…
focused on someone else.

A shot in the dark
Impossible target
Why is it a thought at all?
My faith is in the future
As far as it may be.

He looked up and said, “…”
He didn’t even look up.

Cheers to the times that mattered, that had an effect


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Half of a Heart

Even if you could see it, you’d hardly believe it –
Tales too wise to tattle.
And all the ramble
gets lost in translation…
Actions speak louder than words,
but when the words have no meaning,
What do you mean?

All that’s true is not told
It’s your soul that has been sold.
When you think you know what’s reality,
confidentiality no longer exists.
The lines begin to blur
Unofficial unclear; unsure.

And the love, it doesn’t mean the same
as it used to be a calling romance.
Right or wrong – it’s only black & white.
When the grays are merely static you never hear.

Don’t listen to your demons,
Damn are they clever.
They are always around –
I can’t wait to get out of this town.

Is something missing? It must be (your) heart.

all rights reserved. ©

The Longest Day of the Year

Summer storms while sleeping
Ain’t life pretty?
Tender thighs
And soft eyes
As I wait for the words
“I’m ready”

Seems these days…
The sun light gets in the way;
Thoughts jumbled
Heads a mess
Is this a curse
Or a blessing?
Both? Yes.

Counting hours –
My, how fast time exceeds!
When you’re with the ones you love
That’s all you need…

Summer storms while sleeping
Ain’t life pretty?
Tender thighs
And soft eyes
As I wait for the words
“I’m ready”

May have hit a high note
(I’ve sure as hell been lower)
As the days pass over ~
Pondering seems shorter
Weeks turn to months,
(Spin around, the years)
I beg of anyone who hears this…
Keep love near.

Summer storms while sleeping
Ain’t life pretty?
Tender thighs
And soft eyes
As I wait for the words
“I’m ready”

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Fight the Good Fight or Be Fought

People are always coming and going,

Doing favors for them without even knowing;

Destroying what you currently hold with what you aught to want.

Better safe than sorry – Otherwise, you are not.



(These) gazes and stares into eyes

(Those which some would consider blank)

Cover up a story like a newspaper that has caught fire;

I have only one wish and desire: stay and love a while…

Learn what it is like being in a title.

The tidal waves storm over the rose colored haze,

And these glasses, they fog up quite often.


On the other end of this telephone conversation,

Usually I am in control of the radio stations…

…(And more static breeds louder voices, but meaning begins to fade out)…

Stagnant air – breath in deep and exhale.

But on the other hand,

Skips of the heart are rare.

May you agree, “This was meant to be.”

For the risks being taken are my allowance to be set free.


One always wishes for love and royalty,

Who would not want a paparazzi?

(Words explode with truth ladened with false justice.)

I feel as though I know where your head truly was.

A balance to the tracks that are displaced;

Security is what I lack.

(Secrecy is not tact)

Bought then sold –

Is the mirror image of my soul too cold?

(Please, for me darling, edit the way you speak before the barter turns stale)

It is much easier to be silent than master an attempt to be bold.

Into an unfinished story, dusted and only once told…

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The Only Way to Go is Up (Or to Give Up)

Moving forward is my constant struggle,

I learned I could love again, but there is a lot on my shoulders,

A lot to say, left over

(I am even learning to pray)

I wish you the best and I hope you are okay…

The Only Way to Go is Up (Or to Give Up)

Please put the bottle(s) down,

You are such a nervous wreck.

Knuckles so dry, they could cut ice on the break;

(On edge),

All I had, all I could do

Once upon the time, I knew you.


Every day is deemed a struggle, when you find yourself so far under.

(Considering) the well won’t hit rock bottom

Well, it’s rock solid.

The gravel falls with the travels you call nervous breakdowns;

I never meant to play you, but it was over before it even started.


Not enough in common to feel the voices calling,

And now, that I have found the one

You act like you have none…

Maybe you are better off without me,

(Always seemed to be).

We both have a lot of problems,


Still, I root for you to get better

(the stormy weather is near).

Silver linings will never provide us with the comfort we wanted to endear.

For, inside, instilled thoughts of fear recover,

In the hands of another who is fairly similar.


All that had broken out was ugly,

A side I launched aside, but I was not treated right.

The guilt floods my brain, my mind

Forgiveness is in vain (in my name),

but resentment is an easier price to pay

(it just did not feel right).


I am in search – rediscovery of the part of me

(The one which you stole)

To treat another in the way you truly want to be.

You fed me, made me this way,

I do not blame you (though),

For you opened my eyes to see,

I was a fool to selfishness.

I tried;

I wished the glass wouldn’t shatter,

But in the end,

I need more than you can fathom.

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My Heart is in it For the Killing

My Heart is in it For the Killing


You are always in my prayers

(and in my thoughts);

I hope to God we do not get caught

Up in a tantrum.

I find myself attached,

like a ladle to your handle;

Scoop me up with your soft hands.

Time and time again

I remind myself every story has to end…

This though, please be gentle.

A knotted ball of yarn – impossible to singly untangle.

(The words I speak, no dissection necessary – the cost is pure evil.)

For you, love,

You are my song bird.

A muse that amuses me.

Do not let me be…

I would hope you will catch up

and chase after me.

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