This poem is to be turned into a song to be accompanied by an acoustic guitar. I was inspired to write this when I was at a cafe called Natura in Orlando, Florida. It was open mic night and a young Asian female, from a foreign country but living in Seattle, spilled her heart and shared her voice on stage. Her songs were beautiful, her musical talents were amazing and I was floored at how wonderfully she sang. This is only a rough draft, but I want to share my first version to show the process. I am not a song writer, nor do I even know how to play guitar. But this is to remind myself and others that anything is possible. One day, I will learn how to flawlessly strum a guitar. One day, I will record this. And one day, hopefully, I will be able to rack up the courage to sing in front of an audience, just like that girl did. I congratulate her on her bravery and a job well done.

For right now, I want to share a part of my story, some of my words and my wisdom with anyone willing to read this blog. I hope you enjoy. Any and all feedback is highly welcomed.

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Vibrant Hues

Wonder Boy,

Truly wonderful, you are.

Staring up; equally matched ensemble,

(if only I could be that humble).



From afar:

(Who said Love had to be “hard”?)

No idea to be known;

Close up, feelings would grow.

Not what is said,

But what is done:

I should have known you were the one.

Action, a calm reaction;

Pleasant pews.

Accepting, reflecting:

Should have given the chance

(When you wanted to).

Attached, perhaps.

Depending, expanding,

(never ending)…

The love I have,

What I feel,

Is true.

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Spiteful promises



Truth behind masks of serenity.


I did not plan to be;

Corrupted, interrupted by my own worst enemy

(and interpreted wrongly).

Pledges to purity

Won’t save goodness instilled beneath.

Let the spirit soar;

Run free,

Please, do not run away from me.

Begs to be certain, for sure;


Let nature take its course

(and choose wisely);

Making up for lost time,

Times infinity.

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Right Which Way

Oh spontaneous sweetheart,

Today is a new start.

Wallow the tears dry

And pour into my glass;

Rub your tired eyes.



Towards the clouds.



Set gears towards life;

Death will not succumb.

Please, Dear, you are never alone…

My shadow haunts yours, I know it to be true,

But without, I am as lonely as you.

We are,

Not toxic,

But intoxicating.


Do you know of it?

It comes and goes,

While jealousy rages beyond the pillars of a night’s defeat,

The wagon’s tires stopped in its tracks,

A deer spotted by headlights.

Bless the sanity we still bleed…

I know

Not of what is to come,

But you, my Angel,

Are involved.


You are lovely.

I swear it to be true.

This was the potential, the asking for;

Grasping at

What is us.

Legends unfold in a clear liquid,

Epically drawn with ink none can read or speak.

But we, Darling,

This holds honest, for,

Your gentle kiss has me at my last tumble;

Fumble is not fatal…

I, for one, will not let go

(Please say you will not either).


To this market; growth.

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