anyone in this town
knows a far better truth
then once was
is coming to an end;
but to seek wisdom in the unholy,
provides ideals that are too transparent to pull thin.
lies stretched across a bare skull,
bones broken at the sockets,
torn apart by claims
too far fetched to be proven false.

I’m not unfaithful,
I’ve just lost faith.
Time has taken me to a place that seems so familiar,
and I look around, waiting to see someone I know,
but they see right through me
and it’s time to move on…

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Your Presence

Looking for love in all the wrong places,
Cornering myself into dark spaces.
The smell of cigarettes lingers, I can almost taste it;
Reminds me that you are still around…
Watch over me, like an angel,
sometimes I need a push in the right direction.
I have confused the expectations
that I hold for myself
with second guessings,
that I should have never listened to.
Honestly, I believe in modesty,
but humility will not get you very far.
Chains locked, holding onto the breath that forces you to feel choked up.
Frankly, it is irritating
How I will never be good enough…
Malicious suspicion, I’ll continue to witness mischief
But I will not be a part of it…

Stay Humble

Everyone (wants to) think they are an artist.
But, true art is meant to fall apart.
It is the “and” “or” and “but”s stringing along a paragraph, written that makes no sense.
It is the tint of blue hue that lines the border of a sunset that mocks a sunrise as it bleeds orange,
The corners of undeveloped film exposed to light.
The string of pearls mixed with coiled silver that have no need to be laced by the same chain.
Mixed media splattered in disarray, leaving the bigger picture as an untold mystery.
Pricks on your finger from a sewing needle;
The dusty antiques in your mother’s basement, that you’ve been meaning to put up for auction.
A kindergartener’s fingerprints that make even the most childishly drawn tree look full with leaves.
The sheet music with stains of coffee from a night of successful orchestri.
The talent of swaying to a tune too beautiful and hushed to be spoiled.
The morbidity of your mind clouded with cataracts, distracting from the overall picture.
Freedom of body language that tells its own story.
Science behind modern inventions used while
time passes, spent correcting the “if” “will” and “want”s.
The joy it brings, and the suffering that allows one to spill their heart in a vibrant scene of unforeseen dreams,
playing trickery with the minds of the mean,
the silent beings with modesty certain – making for the art that is worth it.

all rights reserved. ©

Devoted & Dedicated

I haven’t written to you in a while,
but not because I have forgotten,
or found something better to do;
I’m Scared – is the truth and,
I’m useless without a prose in my throat ready to be told.

(A fool to listen, an honest mistake…)

I feel like I haven’t been home in days,
Usually it’s the other way.
Would you know that I’m a loser?
Wouldn’t you know that I am afraid.
Wouldn’t you know that I am lucky to be here in the first place…

Peacefully, it comes so easily for others.
Hardworking, self soothing – I have no idea (where my head is at).
My mind begins to wander, to a place called forever
Where you are and where I’m meant to be.

I figure, you’re busy;
Making a life to call your own.
I’m sorry if I’m a bother
when you’re so far under the covers, fall into a deep sleep.

Shaken by dreams of pure lucidity
but it seemed so realistic to me).
Are you sure you haven’t heard me call your name? I wonder,
Are you a pawn in a means to get my act together?

Oh, silly,
Competitiveness is in my nature
But I would rather be humble
then place a bet I know I would win
And sadly (honestly), it’s embarrassing
to find your significance when you don’t know the first thing about yourself.
Come crawling back to me, as I drift off to sleep.

Devoted. Dedicated. You made me. Who I am.

all rights reserved. ©

Consider It Done

My Mother once told me
The days will grow longer
And I will be stronger, too…
The pain, it will fade, and some day, I will say that
My dreams did come true…

All the wills in the world
Won’t save me from fear
And as I let it eat at a lie…
Life keeps on passing me by;

Oh, how blessed I must be,
To have everything surrounding me –
The gift of bliss,
Yet, here comes the quiver;
A cold breeze of worry…
Just remember –
Things will work out in their own way…
Everything is going to be okay…

Then, I am older
The fondness gets bolder
I may be forsaken,
But the moment is for the taking;
And as I let it eat at a lie…
Life keeps on passing me by.

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