It’s A Shame

If happiness is what you seek,
then trust among the wicked.
The part that always desires (wanting more) –
{be sure of yourself}
Because you only get one chance to be like everyone else…

Eyes are judgmental,
And all around you, you’ll hear :sighs:
[You will always be wrong, even when you’re right.]
Whatever you do, they’ll still assume;
It’s tough to keep your head up (“try”).

All in all, it’s dangerous.
Giving up your hands
as they are locked in shackles
[too tight to slip loose]
The sparkle in your step – gone within an instant
As you’re placed inside a box ready for inspection.

Too far gone, you thought this would be easy.
Praising the week just to please them.
(Mistakes are old habits, but I promise, they break).
And the spell that lines the surface –
it’s a mask you can fake.

Once upon a time…it happens to us all.
You have to fall a few times to remain strong.
Without rhyme or reason, you do it for your being
Wash and repeat
Blink. Blink. Once…Twice…
If I can provide any advice…be yourself.
[It’ll do wonders for your life]

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Repetition is an Action’s Reaction

Dazzled by reflection;
OH MY! That’s intuition.
To be a sinner is the least of your worries…
Drag on the conversation,
Your desire is starvation.
My stomach is in knots.
What’s the difference between needing and wanting?
By the power invested in universality,
Try not to pass by commonality.
The eeriness to the whole situation
is that it has happened before.
Although I do not blame you,
The choices you make are yours to chose.
And if that doesn’t ring a bell,
Then class dismissed – I’m going out to the school yard… 

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While a disguise is likely
the bearings are frightful;
Within a confused state of mind
I find consolation

Oh, how I wish it could be!
You are standing right in front of me…
Peel back my eye lids
in order to stay focused (on) –
what was once clear as salt water
has become hazy with forbidden smog.
(The toxins which surround the faith
that you call your own…)

And yes, I am resourceful.
To call myself anything but
would be disgraceful.
Yet, the fog rolls in at the same time each night –
from dusk until dawn
I will continue to dream.

all rights reserved. ©