You Say “Sorry” Like It’s Going Out Of Style

Such a sad sorrow,
to wander alone all over
Pity falls into the hands
of those who mistake a listening ear for empathy
Most deny this and create a void to shadow –
the regret they feel for themselves
And the words they wish they had spoken
before choking on a hate to which they use to spell their morals

Judgement is alive
with desire to divide
You’re not a martyr, don’t do me any favors…
I wish I could tell you the truth,
But it will never be enough.

It’s a constant ache in the temples –
deep breaths to save the soul
But what do you do when you’ve grown too old?
(a low pulse with a beat you just can’t revive)

Despite is a life
with desire to divide
You’re not a martyr, don’t do me any more favors…
I wish I could do more to prove,
But I will never be as good as you.

Who would want to live like this?
Having become too cold…
A repetitive story that has already been told
You’ve heard it before.
What is different is the lies scrolled
in between the lines you wrote
and then erased because it was all just too sad –
(making up for what we once were, and what we always forgot we had)


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Consider It Done

My Mother once told me
The days will grow longer
And I will be stronger, too…
The pain, it will fade, and some day, I will say that
My dreams did come true…

All the wills in the world
Won’t save me from fear
And as I let it eat at a lie…
Life keeps on passing me by;

Oh, how blessed I must be,
To have everything surrounding me –
The gift of bliss,
Yet, here comes the quiver;
A cold breeze of worry…
Just remember –
Things will work out in their own way…
Everything is going to be okay…

Then, I am older
The fondness gets bolder
I may be forsaken,
But the moment is for the taking;
And as I let it eat at a lie…
Life keeps on passing me by.

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Sad Songs of Broken Lullabies


Dear, My Sweet and Tender(ized) Prince Harming,

(Who arrives every weeknight at 10 pm)

This is for you (who had so much promise in your eyes) –

Pouring rain,

Against the window pane;

Drift through me, my painful.

An insane insanity,

Coming after thee:

Have at me,

The gates, they are open to a flood.

The water drop(lets) from the sky,

As quickly as blood

Leaving quivered bodies dry…

And as it stops:


(Out my heart).

Wash and clean this felony


This instant;

Send me out to sea

(Take away my jacket)

I will always come back to him – he,


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