A Full Plate

Torn up; Bent
Heart ripped in half…
The truth is that nothing gold will last.
And if you say “it’s ok”,
To me it’s not.
Because I always finish what I start.
You may think you’re helping
But it’s this is hurting too much…
This is – was – my dream
I have given my best shot.
I can’t make everyone happy
But most of all, me.
All I wanted was to please
Even that wasn’t easy.
The run around is not appreciated
Straight shooter
Please tell me the reason
How can you burn out the sun
(And let live?)
when I was there for the long run?
It was a privilege

Are We Missing Out or Just Missing Our Minds?

As time ticks along
We continue to struggle
Quiet, hushing; forced to remain – keep pushing
Are we winning
Or rushing and losing
The grand scheme,
A pyramid of natural selection.
Colors stained;
We are simply trying to maintain
Our missing sanity…

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