Ashes From Ashes


Homicidal thoughts, you’ve been staying for too long,

(a while)

While the devil him/her/itself sends me adrift.

Parting tides,

Partaking sides.

Never meant to be thrown off a cliff,

(so dangerous)

But the sides of the mountain

Stay steadily rocking,

Destined to move in the slightest bit.

Why am I holding onto something that is so easy to throw away in an ashtray?

Latent with a film only found in a chain smoker’s throat,

And a cough that seeds a disease

Worth fighting through.


My mind takes to absence and gears towards flight,

While the guardian angels protect me at night.

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Running Circles

Multiple personalities;

Balancing a stable mentality.

Fumes rush a rosary,

Filling gaps in empty cracks

Doorways seem so far away.


Pinging actuality,

Rewriting fatalities

As a blurry memory.

Creaks under floorboards

Sweat on swores;

Promises, forever tomorrow…

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Fool’s Gold

What a pleasantly haunting memory;

Of that which was once pure, untamed by mediocrity.

A beautiful tragedy in awe of the foreseen.

Sceneries of desired beings,

Pages of black and white readings,

The lingering scents of that which may never seek true.

Living too often in fear of actuality,

Hiding in films of warped reality,

Mistaken for epitomes of doom.

Cowering in corners too cramped –

Not enough room…

Lies put upon childs locked in bedrooms.

Drowning in has beens,

Up and down casualties,

Candid typography.

Texts of life versus death,

Holograms of what is to come next.

Diseases of upbringings,

Callous without reason.

Deeming anxieties and priorities of others,

While no one else bothers.

Singing off tune to a beat played for unfortunate drones,

Soft, subtle and distant moans.

Drawing lines within grains of salt and sand,

Coming to terms with a pitiful crowd –

An uncharted land,

A ferocious town,

While plugging ears occupied by infected sounds.

An audience begging for a witness…

To expose a color not meant for one another.

Casted shadows and unbearable prowess,

A fate that is a contemplate in the world’s abounds


The right to remain deceitful or truthful is useful in tactics.

Signs begging of strict animosity,

To only please…

But to play the game like a fool,

Causes sharp tools to remain blunt with ease.

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Unfriendly Strangers

When demons spark;

True colors show,

When least expected.

The woes,

And a childish pose,

Put onto others

Cannot make one stronger.

Brings out the bitter,

Surrounding clouds of hatred.

Negative sounds;

Attempts to shut others up.

“Pull us down – we are not worthy”

You want us to cry out.

To blend into a wall;

To go by unnoticed amongst it all,

Stands without reason…

You will fall.

Burdens pursuits – heading down dark paths,

Unbearable partnership groups.

Standing up for oneself

is not the same as defending yourself

with sharp knives

and accusations;

Wallowing pity.

Here is the unshakeable proof,

Corrupted and spiteful immature youth.

Never real or true.

Friends once,

but maybe never.

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