Unsuited for the Suitable

Pressure to find something there;
Felt beneath the skin..
Muted with a desire to share;
Learned the hard way –
the “good girl” never wins..

Although you have your reasons
I’m a fool for thinking it…
What drastically changed in an instant
has been happening to me all my life.

This may be your best policy,
but it’s my source of sorrow;
Feelings once expressed –
gone tomorrow.

I will take the blame,
yet something is not right…
Unexpectedly expected –
Drained the smile from a face
never truly known in the first place.

(Roll up your sleeves, pretend like it didn’t happen)

Desire does not expire.
Nor is it a light switch.
You can have the heart I’m missing;
(I don’t want it back)

all rights reserved. ©

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