At the Center of the Human Body is a Pulse

Arriving at thoughts of why it was you, and not me
We are all the same –
lungs that breathe/eyes that see
skin with pores
a body that sways with a pulse
of eccentricity
dot the “i” and accentuate the “me” – in harmony.

Separated by a hatred apparently only gods can distinguish.
If the universe told you to,
Would it be worth it?
Was it worth it?

Attempts to reek havoc;
An image dare not fathom.
Trying to tear apart
A group that grew closer as a result.
City Strong
But you won’t ever understand what you did wrong.

The number who stand proud
Outweighs the bullets
used to break the hearts of thousands,
by reason none other than a lack of soul
sold to harm…
A story that will never go untold.

At peace to know there is still a chance,
for a World that bands together at stance.
An army, a troop
Who can put aside their roots
To realize that we are all one.

Questions will go unanswered
and forgiveness will go nowhere.
While prayer can tend to some,
In the end we are all one.
The Answer Is Love.


all rights reserved. ©

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