Devoted & Dedicated

I haven’t written to you in a while,
but not because I have forgotten,
or found something better to do;
I’m Scared – is the truth and,
I’m useless without a prose in my throat ready to be told.

(A fool to listen, an honest mistake…)

I feel like I haven’t been home in days,
Usually it’s the other way.
Would you know that I’m a loser?
Wouldn’t you know that I am afraid.
Wouldn’t you know that I am lucky to be here in the first place…

Peacefully, it comes so easily for others.
Hardworking, self soothing – I have no idea (where my head is at).
My mind begins to wander, to a place called forever
Where you are and where I’m meant to be.

I figure, you’re busy;
Making a life to call your own.
I’m sorry if I’m a bother
when you’re so far under the covers, fall into a deep sleep.

Shaken by dreams of pure lucidity
but it seemed so realistic to me).
Are you sure you haven’t heard me call your name? I wonder,
Are you a pawn in a means to get my act together?

Oh, silly,
Competitiveness is in my nature
But I would rather be humble
then place a bet I know I would win
And sadly (honestly), it’s embarrassing
to find your significance when you don’t know the first thing about yourself.
Come crawling back to me, as I drift off to sleep.

Devoted. Dedicated. You made me. Who I am.

all rights reserved. ©

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